Wanna own some awesome pair of kicks?

The one shoe that gives you freedom to change designs easily anywhere, anytime. Time to live your dream of becoming a shoe designer and get your very own ShoeBloxx!



SHOEBLOXX is a trendy, modular detachable footwear which enables the user to have multiple designs layered in a single pair of shoe to be changed seamlessly for any occasion or activities.

Unlike any other shoe out in the market, ShoeBloxx allows users to purchase not only in pairs but also in ‘parts’ of the shoes allowing users to reduce the cost of repurchase while extending the lifespan of the footwear.

With its unique ability to detach the upper part from the rubber bottom outsole, ShoeBloxx allows for easy recycling thus reducing the carbon footprint and making the world a greener place.


SHOEBLOXX is a unique three piece detachable shoe that is easy to use and allows you to switch or combine different type of designs of the upper part of the shoe anytime, anywhere. The technology revolves around the simple mechanism of modular connectivity focusing on not only user experience, but also on the design aspect of the shoe.

On all matters technical our footwear is monitored closely from technical specification of the concept, all the way along the production tooling to ensure that the product performs as well as the design concept’s look and feel all for the satisfaction of our users.


Space Saving

Buy In Parts

Recycle Friendly

Maximum Comfort

Machine Washable

Custom Fitting

Be a part of the innovation and get your very own pair of ShoeBloxx shoe customised to your own design for a limited time only.

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Get this free limited edition Design Uppers when you pre-book our shoe!
Get this free limited edition Design Uppers when you pre-book our shoe!