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    What is ShoeBloxx?

    ShoeBloxx is created from the brainchild of a concept shoe that enables the separation of the upper part of the shoe (upper) from the bottom part (outer sole). With the shoe’s ability to be separated into these two parts, we believe that it can solve multiple common dilemma/problems associated with a single bonded shoe technique.

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    Why do we need a shoe that has parts?

    With any conventional ‘fixed’ shoe, the most common problem is it being torn. This is because of the strain of the upper and outer sole flexing that causes the glue which is the bonding agent to weaken and break. By using a bonding agent other than glue, it will reduce the chance of ware and tare of the shoe dramatically.

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    What is the benefit of a shoe that has parts?

    Having a shoe that has interchangeable or “modular” parts means that not only is it able to have interchangeable designs, but also (and most importantly) make the shoe recycle friendly as the rubber outsole and the canvas upper could be separated and recycled easier thus reducing the carbon footprint and making the earth a greener place.

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    Who are these shoes made for?

    We believe that a product made with ‘the people’ in mind, should be able to solve problems faced by the general public and focusing on school and college students. With this in mind, the product focuses on solving a problem facing the younger generation in particular;

    – school students and torn school shoes –

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    How does the product work?

    “Simplicity” being the core concept of the shoe. The idea is to remove one component which is generally used in footwear manufacturing which is the bonding/glue agent.

    By removing this component from the shoe making process, several interesting things will happen; the upper part and the outer sole of the shoe now has complete freedom from each other. This means that the issues of torn/ripped uppers can be dramatically minimized.

    This also means that the introduction of interchangeable and more customizable parts are now made possible. Plus, with the removal of the glue/adhesive component, production cost and production time will be greatly reduced.

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    Are the shoes durable enough?

    With the current design innovation and manufacturing process of the shoe, we aim to produce the first range of leisure footwear which are as durable as single molded shoes that are out there in the market. By implementing the locking design, the footwear could reach up to 98% durability ensuring that the shoe does not break apart.

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    How are the shoes designed?

    The uniqueness of ShoeBloxx is that it allows the user to have multiple designs on a single pair of shoe simply by adding multiple layers of “Skinz” which are the canvas upper part of the shoe. By having this unique ability, different designs of the Skinz can be layered one on to of the other and could be remove easily and conveniently according to the users different activities and needs.

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